Bringing BF Home To StepMom Vore With Alexis And Kira[HD]

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Duration: 8:05
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Title: Bringing BF Home To StepMom Vore With Alexis And Kira[HD]
Description: For your own custom check out the details in the preview! alexis is excited to bring her bf (pov) home to meet her step-mom but as soon as she opens the door step-mom isn't impressed. she has some sly comments on how skinny the guy is and makes fun of him the situation escalates until kira hunger gets the best of her and swallows him whole with a long mouth scene and gulping sounds.kira finishing her swallow now has a rumbley stomach. alexis now stunned, revealing that stepmom has swallowed her bf again gets supper bratty and upset, calls her bf out of panic and promises to save him. soon stepmom realizes that alexis has learned the same skill and dose a full body vore legs first all the way up stepmom. now in control of the situation with belly extra rumbley alexis calls her stepmom to give her an ultimatum! regurgitate her boyfriend or be digested. kira resists but after 4 hours decides to give into bratty alexis and lets the bf alexis is feeling the changes and has the urge to puke which up comes her bf! with her stomach still rumbling from stepmom she decides shes going to eat first and then let her out. there's going to be new rules like more snacks in the house etc. from now on. you may also likebratty model demise vore with kira and alexis[hd]bratty model demise vore with kira and alexis part 2 [hd]rose vore payback with alexis[hd]vore bust with alexis and kira - sweaty boot and sock smelling[sd]alexis gummy play vore - mouth ass bellybutton[hd]alena ditsy neighbour vore[hd]