Alexis Belly Bomb Vengence Vore[HD]

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Duration: 13:51
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Title: Alexis Belly Bomb Vengence Vore[HD]
Description: Custom* email for your own custom! the story begins with alexis, clad in her bikini, lounging in bed after consuming a few miniature individuals who had ventured too close to her. she then decides to take a nap to digest her unusual meal, oblivious to the fact that two more tiny beings had witnessed her devour their companions from afar. enraged, they vow to exact revenge, even if it costs them their lives.  while alexis is deep in slumber, they approach the couch/bed where she's resting, lying on her back. stealthily, they begin their ascent, starting from her feet, traversing down her legs, and finally reaching her stomach, where the digestion of their unfortunate friends is taking place. they pause for a moment, listening to the sounds of her belly, their anger intensifying.  their next destination is her mouth, which is wide open. they make their way in, startling alexis awake. she clutches her throat as they descend into her stomach, her hands flying to her belly in alarm as it starts to churn and rumble. the tiny beings are now inside her, causing havoc. alexis, grimacing in pain, tries to alleviate the discomfort by pressing and thumping her belly, but to no avail.  in desperation, she rushes to fetch a liquid, hoping to subdue the intruders. she gulps down the liquid, her belly still in turmoil. the sloshing sound of the liquid echoes as the tiny beings continue their invasion. for a while, her stomach puts up a fight, but then, there's a loud growl followed by an eerie silence. alexis gazes at her belly, believing she has triumphed and that her stomach has withstood their feeble attacks.  suddenly, she is hit by a wave of excruciating pain. her belly starts to undulate and gurgle loudly, as if something else is inside. unbeknownst to her, one of the tiny beings had a bomb that was set to detonate upon their demise. she can feel the ticking of the bomb inside her, her belly swelling in anticipation of the impending explosion. the bomb detonates, and the screen fades to black... you may also likealexis all tied up vore[hd]alexis step bro vore[hd]alena home schooled vore [hd]alena home schooled vore 2 [hd]alena home schooled vore 3: digestion [hd]alena home schooled vore 4 : detention foot crush [hd]alena home schooled vore compilation enhanced[hd]alexis shrinking disease world domination growth vore[hd]