Ankle Boot Worship - Candle Boxxx

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Title: Ankle Boot Worship - Candle Boxxx
Description: You want to prove your loyalty to your boot mistress? kicking my black ankle boots, i tease you with my dirty boots. these sweaty boots need a good boot cleaning because these soft leather boots absorbed all of my dirty foot scent. the only appropriate cleaner is your tongue on my smelly boots! i do love seeing you on your hands and knees in front of me. wherever your tongue goes, it's a taste of where i have been. inhale that leather scent like a good boot slave. you're sad when i remove them from your face. i've conditioned you to start craving and begging for boot smelling. as a helpless boot slut, you will get a hard cock every time you see these black chunky boots. it will be imprinted in your psyche to be aroused and have a compulsion to give boot service. stroke your dick to the boot kicking rhythm of my chunky black boots. you're only allowed to cum when i'm debooting and revealing my red toenails. you better practice cock control because i may tell you to cum immediately or drag out this boot tease and denial. the orgasm countdown is a struggle as the boot zippers reveal my bare feet.cum on my wiggling toes! keywords - candle boxxx shoe fetish pov shoe worship foot fetish bare feet pov foot worship jerk off instruction jerk off encouragement masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction dirty talking dirty men following orders pov femdom pov love addiction leg fetish hat fetish upskirt flashing panties red panties smell fetish redheads red hair milf older woman older women red fingernails cocktease  you may like - shrinking your friends - candle boxxx stuck in mud - candle boxxx